Configure a reward
This page demonstrates how to configure a token reward and send a claim URL or QR code.
Make sure to have created a token pool with a token connected to it. If you are not sure how to do that make sure to visit on of these guides.

You start with a relatively empty pool. As you can see below this pool has a balance of 97.500.000 AMT and is deployed on Polygon Main network.
Empty reward overview in AMT pool.
Hit the Create Reward button to open the reward configuration and configure your first reward.
Default reward configuration modal

The title field is there for administrative purposes. A slug (machine readable text) is generated from on this title and will be used in your claim URLs.
An empty title field showing it's placeholder

In this section you specify the withdrawal a beneficiary of the reward is entitled to. Limit and Unlock date are optional and could be ignored if you don't want to use them.
Withdraw configuration for a reward

Should reflect the size of the token reward and is noted as a number without decimals.

Specifies how many of these token rewards could be claimed by users.

Specifies from what date the token reward could actually be withdrawn to the users wallet.

The expiration date could be set to limit the duration in which users can use the claim URL. Other than the Unlock Date you are able to configure this up to the minute.
A rewards expiration date set to April 28th 2022, 10:00.

You can configure social rewards where a user that is trying to claim the reward is required to Login via a social channel so we can for example verify if they liked a certain YouTube video before they are able to claim the reward.
YouTube Like condition configured for a popular YouTube video.

It is possible to make users a member of your pool. This check makes sure that rewards can only be claimed by users with that role.

Checking this box makes sure that a user can only claim this token reward once. If this box is not checked, users are able to claim the token reward from the URL or QR code an unlimited amount of times.
Membership required and Claim once checkboxes in reward configuration

Part 3/3 of the NFT creation video guide. For part 1, see Create an NFT​
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