Mint NFT's
This page demonstrates how to manually mint NFT's and send them to others. dfdFor a video guide, scroll down to the bottom of this page.
Make sure to have created a token pool with a token connected to it. If you are not sure how to do that make sure to visit on of these guides.

Hit the Mint an NFT button to mint manually and in the modal that opens you will be able to provide values for the properties you configured for the NFT collection.
Manually minting an NFT for a configured set of properties

This example demonstrates how the fields in the interface are mapped to your minted NFT metadata.
Properties section while minting an NFT.
The values for those properties will be stored in the API's metadata collection and when calling the NFT contract for a certain tokenId and it will return an URL that points to the referenced metadata.
"color": "Red",
"shape": "Big",
"age": "150",
"image": ""
Note: Metadata is not stored on the blockchain. Only a URL pointing to the location of the metadata is stored on-chain.

Part 1/3 of the NFT creation video guide. For part 3, see Configure a reward​
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