This page demonstrates how to configure and deploy a ERC-20 token smart contract on the Polygon blockchain in THX Dashboard.
The Dashboard offers various token standards to create with in intuitive interface. All tokens adhere as much to their technical standards as possible, therefor allowing other software like Wallets or Exchanges to potentially build upon your smart contracts.
Note: We believe that standardisation and open infrastructure are biggest advantages blockchain technology has brought over the years.

Token Configuration

Hit the big Create Token button in the header to open up the configuration modal. This is where you will choose your token variant and provide details about the token you are going to create.
Configuration modal for an Unlimited Supply Token.

Blockchain Network

You are asked to choose the blockchain network you want to deploy your token contract on. Read more about the options on the Blockchains page.


Next you choose your token variant. Read more about variants to the ERC-20 token contract standard over here.
Depending on the variant you choose you will be asked to provide information about your tokens total supply.


Choose a name for your token. This field is limited to 50 characters and should in the best case describe the software or brand the token is embedded in.


Choose a symbol for your token. Keep it short and catchy, but simple and recognisable. There are no best practices, but usually a token symbol is an abbreviated sequence of 3 to 6 characters like stock tickers in traditional exchange interfaces.
The symbol field is also part of the ERC-20 standard.

Total Supply (Limited Supply Tokens only)

Choose how many of your token should be minted upon creation. The minted tokens will move to your Treasury which is a wallet we manage internally.
When creating a pool you will be able to top it up with tokens from this treasury.
Note: All token contracts created through the Dashboard are configured to be fractioned up to 18 decimals.
After providing all the details you can hit the Create Token button and after a few seconds your ERC-20 smart contract has been deployed to the blockchain network of your choice and you should see a card with information about your token.
An overview of your deployed ERC-20 tokens.
Clicking the card will redirect you to the blockchain networks block explorer. This is the place where you can inspect all on-chain interactions with to your token contract.
The AMT token page on
You have deployed your first ERC-20 token smart contract using THX infrastructure without breaking your brain
or bank
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