Info: You can find detailed information about pricing plans on our pricing page.


The monthly fee covers gas costs. We accept EUR, USD and crypto payments. In all cases you receive a monthly invoice. You have the following options for payments.


You receive an invoice which includes payment options through wire (IBAN), iDEAL/Bancontact/SOFORT and creditcard.


You receive an invoice with a payment option by creditcard and wire (IBAN).

Crypto (ETH, MATIC, USDC and EURe)

We’re launching our payment gateway soon. For now complete your payment by depositing into one of the addresses below and send us an email on [email protected]. Within one working day your pool will be activated.
0x0b8e0aAF940cc99EDA5DA5Ab0a8d6Ed798eDc08A ( Polygon )
0xB4a3dbF1Dca58B157B2Cb27d28Aba4BB1Ca3D223 ( Ethereum )
0x140e7364eE4E29a677a9d6cCF26ac945e7E80B65 ( BNB Chain )
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