Increasing Locked $veTHX

How-to increase your locked $veTHX (screenshots below)

*Note: The Balancer pool currently consists of $USDC.e and $THX. If you have $USDC, you will need to swap it for $USDC.e on a DEX such as Paraswap.

Note that the minimum amount to be eligible for a THX Membership is approximately 175 $THX or $5.

  1. Visit the staking and membership dashboard at

  2. You have two options to sign-in and connect your wallet. a) Select 'Sign up' or 'Sign in' in the top right corner to use your THX Network smart wallet. b) Use WalletConnect to connect one of the 380+ supported wallets. When using WalletConnect, don't forget to push one more time on the WalletConnect button.

  3. On the 'Liquidity' tab deposit either $USDC, $THX or a combination thereof by selecting the amount and clicking 'Add liquidity'. a) Approve the liquidity for both $USDC.e and $THX b) Once the $USDC.e and $THX are approved, add the liquidity. This will give you 20USDC-80THX tokens.

  4. Stake the liquidity you just created. a) Select your desired balance to stake and click 'Stake Liquidity'. b) Approve te token and select 'Stake' one more time. Confirm the transaction in your wallet. This will give you 20USDC-80THX-gauge tokens.

  5. Go to the 'Membership' tab. a) Click 'Increase' to boost your previous 20 USDC-80 THX gauge tokens with the new 20USDC-80THX-gauge tokens received.

  6. Click 'Increase amount' to submit the final transaction and wait for the transaction to complete.

  7. The page will now show you Membership status, voting power, locked amount and when the lock ends. Balances of veTHX and remaining 20USDC-80THX-gauge tokens (if any) are displayed on the right. You can also increase your locked amount, and lock ending. Optional: add veTHX to your wallet by adding the custom token address mentioned at the top of the article. For example, see the help article for adding custom tokens in MetaMask.

Congrats! You just staked your tokens and incresed your locked $veTHX position.

Screenshots (how-to increase your locked $veTHX)

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