Created Identities and register Events in your application using `THXAPIClient` or rebuild the campaign widget in your own environment using `THXBrowserClient`.
npm: @thxnetwork/sdk
Download @thxnetwork/sdk on NPM
The SDK allows for an easy implementation of THX API in both browsers and JavaScript backends. Make sure to obtain your API credentials in your campaign dashboard.
Example of API keys in Developer -> API


const { THXAPIClient } = require('@thxnetwork/sdk');
const thx = new THXAPIClient({
clientId: '',
clientSecret: ''

Create Identity

Identities are unique codes that you can use to allocate event data to. After connecting the Identity to a THX account your users will be able to complete custom quests for this event data.
const identity = await thx.identity.create()
// a6021617-9aab-4194-b2af-a4dd0cc96f84


const { THXBrowserClient } = require('@thxnetwork/sdk');
const thx = new THXBrowserClient({
clientId: '',
clientSecret: ''
redirectUri: 'https://localhost:8080/redirect'
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