Created Identities and register Events in your application using `THXAPIClient` or rebuild the campaign widget in your own environment using `THXBrowserClient`.

The SDK allows for an easy implementation of THX API in both browsers and JavaScript backends. Make sure to obtain your API credentials in your campaign dashboard.


const { THXAPIClient } = require('@thxnetwork/sdk');

const thx = new THXAPIClient({
    clientId: '',
    clientSecret: ''

Create Identity

Identities are unique codes that you can use to allocate event data to. After connecting the Identity to a THX account your users will be able to complete custom quests for this event data.

const identity = await thx.identity.create()
// a6021617-9aab-4194-b2af-a4dd0cc96f84


const { THXBrowserClient } = require('@thxnetwork/sdk');

const thx = new THXBrowserClient({
    clientId: '',
    clientSecret: ''
    redirectUri: 'https://localhost:8080/redirect'

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