HTML Widget

Your campaign widget exposes various functionality to your site in order to create seamless onboarding experiences.

1. Load Campaign Widget

You can embed the campaign widget on your website using a personal embed script or using our JS SDK.

1.1. Personal embed script

Inject the campaign widget in your site using a script tag similar to this. You'll find your script in the Developer -> General section of your campaign.

<script src=""></script>

1.2. JS SDK

const { THXWidget } = require('@thxnetwork/sdk');

THXWidget.create({ campaignId: '507f191e810c19729de860ea' })

2. Widget Functions

Some interactions with the campaign widget are exposed to the parent window and you can invoke them as described below.

// Will show the widget;
// Will hide the widget;

// Will navigate inside the widget to different routes"/quests");"/rewards");"/wallet");

window.THXWidget.signin() // Sign in (Popup on large screens, redirect on small screens)
window.THXWidget.signout() // Sign out:)

// Will show the widget and open the virtual wallet connect view
// Will store the Identity and connect to an account after a sign in

// public var updated by widget app
// null (signed out), false (signing in), true (signed in)

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