HTML Widget

Your campaign widget exposes various functionality to your site in order to create seamless onboarding experiences.
Example of widget configuration in Developer -> General

1. Load Campaign Widget

You can embed the campaign widget on your website using a personal embed script or using our JS SDK.

1.1. Personal embed script

Inject the campaign widget in your site using a script tag similar to this. You'll find your script in the Developer -> General section of your campaign.
<script src=""></script>

1.2. JS SDK

const { THXWidget } = require('@thxnetwork/sdk');
THXWidget.create({ campaignId: '507f191e810c19729de860ea' })

2. Widget Functions

Some interactions with the campaign widget are exposed to the parent window and you can invoke them as described below.
// Will show the widget;
// Will hide the widget;
// Will navigate inside the widget to different routes"/quests");"/rewards");"/wallet");
window.THXWidget.signin() // Sign in (Popup on large screens, redirect on small screens)
window.THXWidget.signout() // Sign out:)
// Will show the widget and open the virtual wallet connect view
// Will store the Identity and connect to an account after a sign in
// public var updated by widget app
// null (signed out), false (signing in), true (signed in)
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