Using the new and improved authentication method one can build their own campaign UI.

Example SDK usage to demonstrate required effort:

  • registering a user

  • authenticating that user

  • listing quests

  • completing a quest


const thx = new THXAPIClient({
  clientId: '<CREATE_IN_DASHBOARD>',
  clientSecret: '<CREATE_IN_DASHBOARD>',

const identity = await thx.identity.create();
// Identity: e7f32a71-33ea-418e-9d80-32b6bf6405f0


const thx = new THXIdentityClient({
  clientId: '<CREATE_IN_DASHBOARD>',
  clientSecret: '<CREATE_IN_DASHBOARD>',

// Authenticate a specific user using his identity code

// List available daily quests for your campaign 
// and get the ID of the first quest
const { daily } = await thx.quests.list();
const questId = daily[0].id;
await thx.quests.daily.entry.create(questId);

// Get campaign participation info for authenticated user 
// and show point balance
const { balance } = await thx.request.get('/v1/participants');
// Balance: 10 points

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