Token Distribution

Summary of the token distribution, release schedule, governance and other token related plans.

Source of summary below: $THX distribution and governance 📊 👩‍💻👨‍💻 — Tokenomics (II), Nov 19, 2021. Updated where necessary on new developments.

Distribution Basics

  • $THX launched November 22nd, 2021.

  • Total supply of 100M $THX tokens, with 55% allocated to the community.

  • Token release schedule and governance plans to be co-designed with the community.


At this time, no additional issuance is planned except for relatively small monthly amounts from 'Team' allocations for hiring and 'Onboarding' allocations for new customers and partners. Issuance from these allocations don't exceed 2.5M tokens yearly. Any further issuance for community distribution, incentives, or treasury allocations must be approved by governance vote.

Token Distribution:

  1. Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (10%)

    An innovative auction mechanism to launch $THX, aiming for fair distribution and price discovery. It starts with a 10% USDC / 90% THX ratio, gradually shifting to 90% USDC / 10% THX over a two-week period, ensuring a balanced market entry.

  2. Community Distribution (15%)

    A tentatively planned airdrop, aiming to boost adoption and expand token distribution. The community will decide on the specifics, such as vesting conditions, to prevent market disruptions after the airdrop.

  3. Community Incentives (20%)

    Designed to encourage the use of THX Network's ecosystem, these incentives will be distributed using the platform's Asset Pools. The community will participate in shaping the incentive structure, and a linear distribution over five years is suggested.

  4. Community Treasury (20%)

    A strategic reserve for liquidity, growth initiatives, and partnerships, ensuring the project's long-term success. The community will have a say in determining the treasury's usage through voting, fostering a collaborative decision-making process.

  5. Team (17.5%)

    The allocation for the core team members is designed to reward their commitment and contributions to the project. A 24-month lock-up period ensures team members focus on the long-term success and growth of the THX Network.

  6. Onboarding (2.5%)

    This allocation is meant to engage early THX Network users and creators, providing them with a stake in the project. The community's input will be sought through voting to decide on the distribution, ensuring a transparent process.

  7. Investors (15%)

    Raising early-stage funding through private sales, this allocation helps finance the project's growth. The minimum 12-month lock-up period for investors encourages long-term commitment and reduces potential market disruptions from large sell-offs.

Multi-signature Setup:

  • Token allocations held by Gnosis Safe for increased security.

  • THX Network's multi-signature wallet controlled by four individuals.

  • Three out of four signatures required for moving token allocations.

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