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Use QR codes to distribute rewards in offline environments.

This feature is particularly useful in offline settings, such as events or physical stores, where attendees or customers can easily scan a QR code to receive rewards.

Sign-up and go to https://dashboard.thx.network/qrcodes to requests this feature.

The simplicity and accessibility of QR codes make them an ideal tool for engaging with audiences, enhancing customer engagement and retention.

QR code Business Case - Royal Dutch Mint

In november 2023, the Royal Dutch Mint launched their first ever digital collectible. The collection of 4,000 pieces is inspired by the collaboration with Free a Girl. This is the first time an NFT has been released by the producer of Dutch coinage. With the unveiling of the digital coin, the sale of the Free a Girl coincard also starts immediately. The new NFT coin comes in a special combination of a physical token and a digital NFT.

Upon purchasing a Free a Girl token from the Royal Dutch Mint, an NFT can be claimed immediately, thanks to the QR code on the coincard. Five different NFTs from the Royal Dutch Mint come together in a unique collection. The NFTs represent the ambitious young women who have been liberated by Free a Girl from sexual exploitation.

Digital Coin Collection

With the launch of an NFT, the Royal Dutch Mint aims to make coin collecting more accessible to a wider audience. β€œWe are always looking for ways to innovate. With this NFT, it is possible to start a unique, digital coin collection. It has become a special concept where the physical and digital issuance together tell the story of Free a Girl,” says Bert van Ravenswaaij, mint master at the Royal Dutch Mint.

For the NFTs, the Royal Dutch Mint uses THX Network software. Mieszko Czyzyk, co-founder of THX Network, says about the collaboration: β€œIt’s amazing that we got the opportunity to assist a historic institute like the RDM with the digitization of an age-old craft, minting and issuing coins. And all for a fantastic cause, I wish everyone a lot of fun building their collection!”

Free a Girl

These NFTs from the Royal Dutch Mint are inspired by the collaboration with Free a Girl. Free a Girl supports activist organizations worldwide that do everything to free girls. Employees of these organizations risk their own lives, for example by going undercover in brothels or by doing online research. With sufficient evidence of sexual exploitation, the liberation teams literally kick in the doors to free girls. Free a Girl also raises awareness of the issue of sexual exploitation and gives girls a future through special School for Justice programs.

To reinforce the important work and the 15th anniversary of Free a Girl, the Royal Dutch Mint releases a special token in a coincard. The token is available in a limited edition for €15 on the website of the Royal Dutch Mint. The first copies will soon be presented at the Krasnapolsky Hotel in Amsterdam.

Buy the coin and NFT

Buy your coin and digital collectible for €15 www.royaldutchmint.com/free-a-girl-medal-in-coincard-nft/en/product/14435/

4,000 issued, 19th of December shipping date

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