By staking a minimum of $5 worth of $THX, you immediately become a THX Member and unlock a plethora of benefits:

šŸ’° Secure Up to 65% APR on your locked tokens. šŸŽ® Enhance your gaming journey with access to unique quests and exclusive rewards. šŸ§­ Lock your membership tokens to earn a portion of the rewards, determined by quest activities. āœ… Influence the future of network; vote in governance decisions, affecting network fees and more. šŸŖ‚ Llocking brings you increased chances for exclusive ecosystem quests, and airdrop opportunities!

Memberships Tiers

šŸ… Membership Levels - Climbing to the next membership level and earning your Discord role is the name of the game. Just lock in your tokens to unlock higher tiers. And should you choose to exit, simply wait for the lock period to end to reclaim your tokens!

  • Rookie: Lock ~$5 worth of THX

  • Pro: Lock ~$50 worth of THX

  • Elite: Lock ~$500 worth of THX

  • Master: Lock ~$5,000 worth of THX

  • Legend: Lock ~$50,000 worth of THX

Secured and Backed by the Best

THX Network's staking and lock system is built using Balancer smart contract technology. Balancer has completed full audits with Certora, OpenZeppelin, Trail of Bits, and ABKD.

Bug Bounty

Balancer's bug bounty program is among the largest in DeFi with a maximum payout of 1,000 ETH for critical vulnerabilities. For more info of Balancer's Bug Bounty program, visit their Immunefi page.


THX Network is backed by a strong set of European and global investors and accelerators.

How-to get your THX Membership

1) Head over to the THX Membership Dashboard 2) Create your membership by locking $5 USDC.e or approximately 500 $THX

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