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THX Network is set to redefine gaming communities and beyond. Early $THX lockers earn the highest rewards, making now the perfect time to join.

TLDR: The more $THX tokens you stake, the higher your membership tier and benefits. Get started today by visiting the THX Membership App and locking at least $5 worth of $THX.

Become a THX Member

By joining the $THX staking pool and locking a minimum of $5 worth of THX tokens (~200 $THX), you immediately gain a THX Membership and enjoy the following benefits:

💰 Earn 35% APR on locked tokens. 🎮 Access exclusive quests and rewards to enhance your gaming experience. 🧭 Earn rewards based on network activity and quest participation. ✅ Vote in governance decisions to influence network parameters and fees. 🪂 Maximize chances for exclusive rewards and airdrops by locking THX tokens.

Membership Tiers 🏅

Level up by locking more tokens to access higher tiers and additional benefits:

  • Rookie: Lock ~$5 worth of THX

  • Pro: Lock ~$50 worth of THX

  • Elite: Lock ~$500 worth of THX

  • Master: Lock ~$5,000 worth of THX

  • Legend: Lock ~$50,000 worth of THX

Each tier unlocks more benefits to supercharge your gaming journey. Visit the THX Membership App to get started.

Getting Started

  1. Acquire THX Tokens: Purchase THX tokens on Balancer or Quickswap both on Polygon PoS.

  2. Join the Membership: Use the app to join and start your journey in the THX Network ecosystem.

About THX Network

THX Network integrates gratitude and rewards into gaming, boosting player retention and growth. Our platform is easy to integrate and supports seamless reward systems. Backed by global accelerator Techstars and a vibrant community, THX Network aims to revolutionize the gaming experience.

Updated Tokenomics

THX Network's recent update introduces a vote escrowed tokenomics model, aligning the interests of reward campaign owners, participants, and THX token holders. Key features include:

  • Governance Token (veTHX): Grants voting rights and a say in the network’s future.

  • Protocol Fee Collection: Fees are auto-compounded and claimable by token lockers.

  • $BAL Liquidity Rewards: Additional rewards from providing liquidity.

This update enhances user experience and solidifies the network’s infrastructure, making it a comprehensive solution for rewards and engagement in gaming.

Campaign Manager Fee Structure

Campaign Manager Fees consist of a Subscription Fee (30%) and a Protocol Fee (70%), with the latter divided among THX token stakers (80%) and campaign participants (20%). This ensures a transparent and equitable distribution of costs and rewards.

Detailed Tokenomics

For the inner workings of the $THX ecosystem, explore the following subjects:

Back-Story of THX Network

THX Network's co-founders, Peter and Mieszko, first met while working at Open Social, a company specializing in software for online communities. They identified a common problem: rewards like points and badges were only valuable on the platform where they were earned. For example, members of the BEN community, owned by T-Mobile, couldn't use their points for discounts on mobile plans due to technical constraints.

This challenge inspired the creation of a cross-platform rewards system using blockchain technology. By mid-2021, they had a working prototype and chose to focus on the gaming industry, which has a strong sense of community and a clear need for better rewards systems.


  • Early Product Market Fit (Feb 2024): Despite challenges in fintech and crypto, new accounts surged, nearing 5,000 monthly active users (MAU). Shortly after, they peaked at over 10,000 MAU, now stabilizing around 7,500 MAU.

  • MVP v2, Safe Architecture (Aug 2023): Upgraded the smart wallet design to Safe infrastructure, with nearly all users transitioning to the new system.

  • MVP, Techstars Support (Late 2022): With Techstars' backing, THX Network focused on gaming rewards, attracting over 25 active domains and nearly 450 MAU by March 2023.

  • PMF Experiments, EU Grant (Late 2021/Early 2022): Explored various market strategies, creating and securing smart contracts. Incorporated THX Network B.V. in The Netherlands in Nov 2021.

  • Proof-of-Concept, EU Grant (Early 2021): Developed and tested the system with the United Nations Development Programme, successfully processing over 70,000 transactions for more than 3,000 users.

  • Concept/White Paper (Late 2020): Initially aimed to create a system for community rewards with real-world value, inspired by the founders' work with organizations like Greenpeace and T-Mobile.

Secured and Backed by the Best

Bug Bounty

Balancer's bug bounty program is among the largest in DeFi with a maximum payout of 1,000 ETH for critical vulnerabilities. For more info of Balancer's Bug Bounty program, visit their Immunefi page.


THX Network is backed by a strong set of global and international accelerators and investors.

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