Loyalty Pools

This page demonstrates how to create a pool that handles the distribution of your tokens or NFT's
Pools are used to distribute or mint your tokens. They will provide you with features to create the Loyalty Widget, Claim URLs, Claim QR Codes, Currency or NFT Perks and API keys.
Configuration of a new token pool

Blockchain Network

You are asked to choose the blockchain network you want to deploy your token contract on. Read more about the options on the Blockchains page.


Pools come in different variants and it depends on your use case which one is right for you. Read more about pool variants over here.

Connect a token

Every pool will have a token contract connected to it. The Dashboard will provide you with an intuitive interface where you will be able to select tokens from various sources.

Option A: Select a token you have created

You might already have created a token in the previous guide. The Token Contract dropdown will show these tokens so you can select them easily.

Option B: Provide an external token contract address

Option C: Select from the curated token list

Quickswap exchange offers a large list of monetary tokens that are available in their decentralised exchange software. If you own some of these tokens you can connect the token contract to your pool and make a deposit to benefit from frictionless distribution to other wallets.
When you have selected your token contracts feel free to hit the Create Token Pool button and wait for about 20 seconds while we are deploying your pool contracts.
A pool overview showing an AMT reward pool
If all went well you will see your pool in the pool overview and you can start with the configuration of your token rewards.