This page demonstrates how to create an NFT collection and mint tokens from a pool. For a video guide, scroll down to the bottom of this page.
Next to ERC-20 standard tokens it is also possible to create tokens of the ERC-721 standard in the Dashboard. This type of token contract is widely known as an NFT
Info: Non Fungible Tokens are unique in their sort and differ in that aspect from the Fungible Tokens, which are all equal and therefor function well as forms of payment.

NFT Configuration

From the Token Overview you are able to hit the Create NFT button. This will open up a modal where you can start the configuration of your NFT contract.
Modal for configuration of an NFT contract

Blockchain Network

You are asked to choose the blockchain network you want to deploy your token contract on. Read more about the options on the Blockchains page.


The ERC-721 Metadata variant allows you to configure a set of properties for the tokens you will mint.


Choose a name for your token. This field is limited to 50 characters and should in the best case describe what kind of tokens are in your NFT collection.


Choose a symbol for your token. Keep it short and catchy, but simple and recognisable. There are no best practices, but usually a token symbol is an abbreviated sequence of 3 to 6 characters like stock tickers in traditional exchange interfaces.


Provide a brief description of your NFT collection. We will use this in places where we need to provide more info about your NFT.
Filled in NFT configuration for the FAV-MOVS NFT contract


In this configuration you can specify property name, type and description for every property you add. When connecting this NFT to an NFT Pool you will be able to mint tokens based on these configured properties. The description will show as a helper text.
Currently only strings and number properties are available but we will extend on this soon.
Metadata property configuration for the FAV-MOVS NFT contract.
When you are done with the configuration of the metadata properties feel free to hit that Create NFT button and wait for several seconds for your contract to be deployed.

Create an NFT - Video Guide

Part 1/3 of the NFT creation video guide. For part 2, see Broken link​
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