Frequently Asked Questions about Blockchain, cryptocurrency, engagement tokens and THX Network.
Releasing your own blockchain token is a unique new way to unite your community and give back to your fans. By providing infrastructure and tooling, THX Networks enables boosting engagement and increasing revenue for creators, communities, athletes, brands and others. Explore some of the exciting use cases in our documentation.
This document covers frequently asked questions regarding blockchain, crypto, engagement tokens and THX Network. If your question wasn’t answered, reach out on our Discord server, Telegram channel or find more ways to get in touch with us on our website.

I’ve heard about blockchain, but what is it exactly?
What is cryptocurrency?
What is a crypto wallet? Do I need to have one already?

What is an (engagement) token?
What is the value of an engagement token?
What can I do with engagement tokens?

How eco-friendly are engagement tokens?
How can I earn $THX for engaging in the community?
My question wasn’t answered yet!

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