For Athletes

Our tooling makes web3 accessible for athletes, providing unique features. By embedding tokens in their platforms both online and offline, they unite their community around a shared expression of value; their own token! By providing infrastructure and tooling to athletes we enable boosting engagement and increasing revenue. Explore some of the practical use cases in the presentation below.

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Sign up for an account on our website that fits your needs. Our basic account allows immediate mainnet access and access to most functionalities (excluding NFT creation). If you want to check out the tool first and experiment, sign up for a free account with access to testnet. We're always happy to jump on a 30 minute call to discuss your project. If you've got something different in mind from the use cases shown in the presentation above, we can determine how THX Network can help you achieve your goals. Use the link below to visit our demo page and schedule some time using Calendly.
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