Getting Started

We aim for as little developer effort as possible with our solutions and integrating the widget is as easy as embedding one line of code.
Watch the video instructions below or follow the three easy steps described below to install the widget and smart wallet on your website.
Screencast demonstrating the integration of the embed script in a Vue website.

1. Embed campaign widget

Copy the script with the clipboard button and make sure it is loaded on the pages where you want the widget to appear. No further integration effort is required!
Example of campaign widget embed script

2. Configure campaign widget

Change the appearance of the widget launcher by setting the color used for various UI elements to align it with your branding.
Example of widget appearance configuration

Native app based on Flutter mobile UX experience

The native mobile experience with an app based on Flutter is great.
  • Auth redirects work properly
  • Switching Flutter views maintains login state
  • Closing app maintains login state
Proof of concept for a Flutter app using WebView to load the campaign page
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