Loyalty Widget

Make sure to have created a token pool with a token connected to it. If you are not sure how to do that visit on of these guides.

1. Embed code

Copy the script with the clipboard button and make sure it is loaded on the pages where you want the widget to appear. No further integration effort is required!
Example of a widget embed code

2. Color scheme

Change the appearance of the widget launcher by setting the color used for the gift icon and the background color used for the launchers background color.
Example of widget color scheme configuration
Example of widget color scheme configuration

3. Default theme

Change the default theme applied to the widget that will be loaded for your site visitors. New themes will be introduced soon.
Example of widget default theme configuration

The result

Example of the loyalty widget shown on
When you visit your page with the embed code you should now see the widget launcher appear after 1.5s. It's very likely that your point and perk overviews are still empty, so lets change that!