Custom Quests

Custom Quests enable you to incentivise every touchpoint in your customer journey.

Dashboard configuration

A Custom Quest is configured in the dashboard and (similar to all other point rewards) requires a title, description and amount of points to transfer to the user eligible for the reward.

Custom Quests are a very flexible quest type that allows to reward specific user behaviour in your application. This means that (after adding a little bit of code to your app) you can incentivize all sort of user interactions in your app!

Examples of important customer touch points that could be incentivised:

  • User completes profile

  • Client purchases product

  • Player levels up

  • And more...

Create Events

Using THX SDK you will be able to register system events for an Identity connected to your user. You can use these events for custom quest purposes.

await{ name: 'level_up', identity: 'a6021617-9aab-4194-b2af-a4dd0cc96f84' })
IdentityJS SDK

Widget appearance

The Custom Quest card in the widget will show a Not available state for unauthenticated users or users that are not eligible for the reward.

As soon as your app runs the webhook for a particular user the card will show that user a progress bar for the amount of reward claims available and the amount of rewards claimed.

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