Sign up for an account

This page demonstrates in detail how you sign up for an account at THX and protect it with Multi-Factor Authentication.
Signing up for an account at THX is as easy as 1-2-3. We provide registration with regular email-password credentials as well as single sign-on using your Google e-mail address.
Tip: Make sure to activate Multi Factor Authentication right after having created your account. This will improve the account security drastically and is best practice in general.

1. Sign up for an account

We will sign up our imaginary product user Kate Norris. You can reach sign up through our public website or directly by following this link
Start sign up from our site at
A few simple steps will set you with an account. You will be able to provide more personal details later on your account management page.
Sign up screen in the authorization provider
Run through the steps below to complete your sign up in no-time!
  • Provide a valid e-mail address where we can reach you
  • Provide a strong password to protect your account against bad actors
  • Read and agree with the terms of use and privacy statement​
  • Optionally agree to receive occasional e-mails about our products
  • Hit sign up and start leveraging the power of tokenization!
Confirmation screen after submitting your sign up

2. Confirm e-mail address

After signing up you should receive an e-mail with a link to confirm your e-mail address. This step is required to make sure your e-mail address is valid and to protect against fake user sign ups.
Note: The activation link in this e-mail is valid for 24 hours. You will see an error page if you try to access the link after it has been expired.
Confirmation e-mail received when signing up for an account
Once you click the big purple button your will be redirected to the page where your account will be activated.
Congratulations! Your e-mail address is valid and your account has been activated

3. Protect your account with MFA

After signing in you can access your personal details via the dropdown in the upper right corner of the screen. This will redirect you to your account management page.
Main menu dropdown in THX Dashboard.
Provide some more information about yourself so we are able to personalise our communication towards you. We store this information carefully in a secured database separated from the rest of our technical infrastructure.
Note: Your wallet address will be set as soon as you have signed in Web Wallet with the same credentials at least once.
After filling in your personal details click the Activate button to be redirected to the MFA Configuration page. This is where you protect your scan a QR with Google Authenticator or Authy and provide the security code.
Scan this QR with Google Authenticator or Authy and provide the code visible in the app.
Once you have done this you will be redirect to your account management page and you should see that your MFA Status has changed. Congratulations! You have protected your account against bad actors
Feel free to click return to the application and start creating your own token!