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Claim URL & QR Codes

This page demonstrates a potential claim flow for the beneficiary of a token reward.
After configuring a reward in a reward pool you are able to either distribute claim URL's or QR codes amongst your audience. User visiting the URL or scanning the QR code will be prompted with the claim page.
This is where some information about the token reward and potential login requirements are shown.
The claim page for a 10 AMT reward. Configured to force Google login, so the YouTube reward condition could be verified.
The claim page for a 150 AMT reward without forced social login.
When hitting Sign in with Google you will be redirected to Google's authorization pages where you have to select your account or login if you have no active Google session.
Google account selection view.
Upon the selection of your account you will be asked to share certain access permissions with the THX applications. For this reward the Manage YouTube Account permissions is required in order to validate a users like on a video.
Google account permissions request.
When continuing the flow the user will be redirected back to the Web Wallet where the claim will be made, this results in either an error message specifying why the reward could not be claimed,
Web Wallet indicating that the reward claim was not successful.
Or in this popup that indicates that your token reward claim has been processed successfully.
Web Wallet indicating that 10 AMT has been claimed!
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