Lottery (Free)

Starting today, THX Network is using lottery rewards to distribute benefits! This makes rewards more accessible and exciting for everyone. Lock just $5 in $THX to join and win awesome prizes. You get the locked tokens back after lock period expires.

Join now and take advantage of the FREE THX memberships!


We allocate ~80% of the available tickets to registered members, while the remaining ~20% are accessible to users who successfully complete any quest on THX Network’s platform.


How to acquire tickets to participate in the rewards lottery? Check this step-by-step guide below.

  1. Sign in using an email or a wallet.

  1. Complete the quests found on the page. You'll find instructions on how to complete them in their descriptions.

  1. To claim lottery tickets, you have two options:

1) The first option is to complete social tasks and purchase rewards in the THX Network app. For this, you need to reach 1000 points. There are only 30 rewards enabled for these users.

2) The second option is to acquire a membership, which allows you to claim your lottery tickets for only 500 points if you have a Rookie membership or for 250 points if you have a Pro membership tier or higher. There are 100 tickets available for Rookie members and an additional 30 tickets for Pro members and above.

There is a limit of 1 ticket for those who do not have any membership, 2 tickets for those who have a Rookie membership, and 4 tickets for those who have a Pro membership or higher (they can claim tickets corresponding to both the Rookie and Pro memberships)

To create a membership, head to these guides, where you'll find more information:

  1. When claiming the reward, you a code will be assigned to your THX NetworK ID, which will be used in the lottery. Once all rewards have been claimed, we will conduct the first draw, where we will raffle the prizes. These prizes will be distributed to the wallets associated with THX Network that made the respective claims.

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