Meet our core team, advisors and community


THX Network's co-founders Peter and Mieszko first met while working at Open Social, a company specializing in software for online communities. They noticed a common problem: rewards like points and badges only mattered on the specific platform where they were earned. For example, they wanted to let members of the BEN community, a brand owned by T-Mobile with 28,000 community members, use their points for discounts on mobile plans. However, technical issues made this impossible.

This challenge led to the idea of creating a rewards system that could work across different platforms using blockchain technology. By mid-2021, they had a working prototype and after various iterations chose to focus on the gaming industry, where there's a strong sense of community and a clear need for a better rewards system.


Early product market fit, February 2024

Despite the challenges faced in the fintech and crypto sectors, we've experienced a surge in new accounts, nearing 5000 monthly active users.

Shortly after that, we hit a new milestone, peaking at just over 10,000 monthly active users (MAU). Currently, we're stabilizing at around 7500 MAU, and maintaining a strong and active user base is what we aim for in the coming months πŸ’ͺ

MVP v2, Safe Architecture, Aug 2023

The smart wallet's design was upgraded to the Safe infrastructure, leading to nearly all users switching to the new system shortly after the update.

MVP, Techstars Support, Late 2022

After receiving backing from Techstars, THX Network shifted its focus towards the gaming industry, emphasizing rewards in games. By March 2023, this approach had attracted over 25 active domains and nearly 450 monthly active users.

PMF Experiments, EU Grant (Block.IS), Late 2021/Early 2022

The team explored various market strategies, including a social lending model for small businesses, but moved on from these ideas after failing to secure a launch customer. During this period, important smart contracts were created and thoroughly checked for security.

In November 2021, the company THX Network B.V. was incorporated in The Netherlands.

Proof-of-Concept, EU Grant (Blockpool), Early 2021

Funded by the European Union, the team developed and tested a first version of their system with the United Nations Development Programme. This early test successfully processed over 70,000 transactions for more than 3,000 users, proving the system's ability to handle large volumes of activity.

Concept/White Paper, Self-Funded, Late 2020

The initial idea was to create a system that would let community rewards have real-world value. This was inspired by the founders' work with organizations like Greenpeace and T-Mobile, aiming to connect different online communities through shared reward systems.

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