NFT Rewards

This page demonstrates how to configure NFT rewards with optional platform or expiry conditions applied to it.

To create rewards you have to deploy or import an ERC721 or ERC1155 contract first.


Dashboard configuration

An NFT reward is configured in the dashboard and requires a title, description and optionally an image to display in the widget user interface.


Specify the collection a token should be minted in.


Specify the metadata object in your NFT collection for the token minted upon point redemption. (Created NFT Collections only)


Specify the token for the specified NFT collection that is owned by your pool and should be transferred upon point redemptions. (Imported NFT collections only)

Point Price

Specify the amount of points required as payment for the NFT reward. Points will be destroyed upon redemption.


Specify the expiration date and time for this NFT reward. This force a sense of urgency for your audience. You can always change this field later.

Token Gating

Make holding a specific coin balance or NFT a requirement for reward claims. Use this for white listing or building exclusivity in your reward shop.

pageToken Gating


Specify a supply limit for this NFT perk. This force a sense of urgency for your audience when the supply is decreasing fast. You can always change this field later.

Tip: High supply limits with only a little amount of reward make your reward seem not too popular. You can always introduce a limit after an x amount of claims are done.

Widget appearance

Users will be able to redeem 2500 points in order to obtain this perk. Optional expiry and supply limits are also visible in this example.

After a redemption this NFT will become visible in the users wallet. Depending on the perk configuration under the hood either a mint or transfer is executed to give the authenticated user ownership over the token.

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