Twitter Quests

Quests with social conditions stimulate engagement in other channels you are using.

Dashboard configuration

A conditional reward is configured in the dashboard and (similar to all other point quests) requires a title, description and amount of points to transfer to the user eligible for the reward. In addition, you can set a end date plus add an image to make the quest stand out in your widget.


The configuration of a quest condition consists of 3 parts:

  1. Provider A range of platforms that allow for integration is available here. (e.g. Twitter)

  2. Requirement Select the type of user behaviour you want to reward. We use the API's of the selected platform to validate if this behaviour has occurred. (e.g. Follow)

  3. Followers Count To increase the value generated by your quest you can set a minimum follower count for participants. This will also prevent abuse by the most obvious bots using new accounts.

  4. Tweet URL Provide the URL of the post in for which you're creating the quest.

How sybil resistant are conditional rewards?

Conditional rewards can only be claimed once per platform user ID, meaning that if you have the same Twitter account connected to multiple THX accounts, only one of these accounts will be eligible for claiming the conditional reward.

When a user claims a conditional rewards we ask the user to connect their external platform account so we can validate the expected user behaviour through the platform API's on behalf of the connected user.

X Automation

Enable X automation to save time managing your campaign and keep your audience entertained with new ways to earn points.

pageTwitter, now X

Widget appearance

Social quests will show a little different depending on the selected platform and interaction type.

In general the provided title, description and earn-able point amount are show. Next to that we show a hint towards the platform interaction type and when possible we link to the related content or show more specifics about the condition.

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